I Almost Went There Today

D458F41F-B8A8-4FEE-9D49-D1B2CDF89CA7I almost went there today. You know, that place where you complain, whine, wallow in self pity. Yes, that place.

Blogging (a.k.a. my fancy journaling) is new and exciting for me. All day I was waiting for that spark or a-ha moment that would inspire or enlighten me. As the day wore on, I found myself less than inspired. I left for work at 6:45am this morning. I work with very young children with disabilities and my job is my happy place, but it’s often exhausting. I also work in my school’s aftercare program a few days a week to help with the expenses of two children in college with rent, cars, insurance, books, food, etc. By the time I returned home from work it was 6pm. I ate dinner and was back out the door in 20 minutes to go pick up items I need for school tomorrow. As I was walking out of the “superstore” with my teenage daughter, I found myself complaining. I heard myself whining phrases such as “I just love getting home at 8pm” (eyes rolling), “I hate working aftercare”, “I wish I could go home at 3pm like the other teachers” and “I cannot wait until my kids have no more college so I can work less”. YES, I DID. I went there. Thank goodness that small voice in my head got very loud for a moment. (I call that God hitting me over the head with a spiritual 2X4.) Before I could start my car in the parking lot, my mind shifted. And so, here’s how my day ends:

I am so grateful and blessed. I’m blessed to have 3 beautiful children who have the opportunity to attend top universities. I have a job that is my life’s passion. I have an amazing husband who has dinner waiting for me no matter what time I arrive home. I had precious time shopping with my beautiful daughter tonight. She’ll be in college in a few years and I want to cherish these times with her. Tomorrow is a new day. If I’m lucky, it will be just as wonderful.


1 thought on “I Almost Went There Today

  1. Wow!!! The way you shifted perspective is awesome…
    Hope this week is calm.
    Love and light..

    Liked by 1 person

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