Note to self:

Note to self: The things you try to avoid are usually the things you need.

Why do I choose to learn that lesson over and over and over? It’s not something new. I know I should do a specific thing, I fight doing that thing with every excuse I can, then end up doing it anyway – and it ALWAYS turns out to be exactly what I needed in that moment. Maybe not what I WANT, but definitely what I need. There’s no coincidence in any of it. Ever.

I hate the “A” word and I avoid it as often as I can but it’s my reality. My ugly, messed up reality. How I deal with that reality is up to me. I have a habit of separating my “everyday self” and my “alcoholic self”. I can compartmentalize sober tools in different boxes and make this some “separate entity” or I can mesh them all together to be my best version of myself. It sounds so easy. And actually, it’s way easier than I make it out to be. Whether you’re trying to stay sober like me, or you just want to be a better you, having coping tools is crucial. Hopefully you’ll be smarter than me and not wait 48 years to start using them!

My goal for today: Stop fighting the process and take out my tools and incorporate them into my “regular self” activities. (By the way, there is nothing regular about me!)

My sober toolkit includes: calls to friends, journaling, taking a walk alone, dessert, rewarding myself often, watching a favorite tv show or movie, dessert πŸ˜‰ , Starbucks, a walk with my family, a nap, meetings, listening to a sober podcast, reading sober books, and more. Plus, I have an amazing therapist I can reach out to in a pinch.Gonna start right now with a meeting and Starbucks. πŸ™‚ What tools are you using?

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